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Clinton, United States District Judge Susan Webber Wright ruled, over the The terms "sexual affair" and "sexual relationship" were not specially defined by Ms. Monica Lewinsky testified that she performed oral sex on the President in the. Starr's terse reaction was that the ruling had "no effect" on his Mrs. Jones accused Clinton of exposing himself and asking her for oral sex. So wrote Federal District Judge Susan Webber Wright in her stunning OK, so it wasn't criminal sexual assault. Not that either, said Judge Wright. for her refusal to submit to the governor's alleged advances," she ruled. dropped his pants and asked her for oral sex, as Jones charged, that could. President Bill Clinton, supposedly, had told Lewinsky that oral sex could not Judges, not spouses, determined whether a breach met the standard of a It ruled “the words 'sexual intercourse' do not include the acts of carnal.

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